What are the Benefits of White Tea for the Skin?

Until recently, white tea was mostly unknown outside of China; remaining a drink for Chinese royalty and their guests. It has only been in the last decade, as health conscious people began to discover the many health benefits of white tea that it has grown in popularity. White tea (Camellia Sinensis) remains rare because of the stringent rules on how it is harvested and processed.

White Tea in Skincare and how it Protects your Skin

White Tea (Camellia Sinensis)

White tea is the least processed of the three teas; Green, Black and White. Because of this, it retains a higher amount of antioxidants. Antioxidant rich white tea helps eliminate free radicals that can lead to signs of premature ageing including pigmentation and wrinkles.

Benefits of White Tea for your Skin?

Source of Antioxidant: White Tea contains anti inflammatory and antioxidant properties, both are beneficial to strengthening the connective tissue and skin problems like eczema. As a result, it plays a role in promoting healthy skin.

Promotes Youthful Skin: Due to the antioxidant content in white tea, it can slow the ageing process. Not only that, it can prevent free radicals damage. Furthermore, antioxidant properties found in white tea will help clear skin and stop premature ageing.

White Tea Skin Benefits

Antioxidants slow down the oxidation of cells and re-energise them, thus improving the texture and tone of the skin.

White Tea Skin Benefits cont...

Combats Congestion and Breakouts: It is known that white tea can be beneficial to prevent acne on the skin. This is related to the presence of antioxidant properties. White tea can also help remove toxins embedded in the skin, helping to reduce redness and inflammation. Since acne is often caused by pollution and free radical build-up, applying white tea topically on a regular basis can help prevent acne and build skin confidence.

Treats Sunburn: White tea is a fantastic ingredient in dealing with sunburn, namely due to the antioxidants.

Hydrates Skin: Dry skin may be caused by the environment or lack of nutrients. As we already know, white tea goes through the least amount of processing, (it has the highest concentration of L-theanine: an amino acid that boosts alertness). White tea contains the least amount of caffeine in comparisons to other teas, and, as a result, is more hydrating for your skin.

Suitable for Sensitive Skin: White tea helps to reduce skin blemishes and itching. Applying white tea topically can play a role in cooling the skin and preventing skin diseases such as psoriasis.