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Gym-friendly skincare that stays in place while you sweat it out


The consumer wants a 360-degree approach to healthy living that includes fitness, diet and skincare. People are wanting to look good and feel good. There are now more than 9.7 million fitness club members in the UK, with one in every seven Brits signed up to a gym who are missing a trick!

The desire to look good in and out of the gym is easy with the right approach, and it all starts with education. Many have never thought about healthy skin relating to other aspects of their lives. It’s common for fitness fans to focus on their physique and forget about their skin - a good facial or body massage is like taking your skin to the gym

Making Sure Your Skin Doesn’t Get a Workout at the Gym

The effect exercise has on the skin and what can happen if they don’t have a good skincare routine in place pre- and post-workout. As your heart beats faster, it stimulates circulation, so you get much more blood pumping around the body, taking nutrients to the skin as well as carrying away waste products such as dirt and oil.

However, if you don’t cleanse straight after a workout, there’s a chance all those things that have been flushed out could go straight back into the skin, resulting in a breakout. But the dreaded post-workout breakout isn’t the only skin plight gym-goers face, with dehydration, oiliness and premature ageing among other common complaints.

When we sweat, the body loses water due to evaporation, which makes us dehydrated and can cause premature ageing. Applying our lightweight serum pre-workout that contains hyaluronic acid locks in moisture and protects skin from premature ageing, fine lines and wrinkles.


If you suffer with redness post-workout, our Face Masque that contains white tea is great for calming and cooling the skin surface.

Common Misconceptions

Some fitness fanatics are reluctant to apply serums and creams before exercising, believing that their oily complexion is the result of overloading the skin with too many products – a common misconception.

Runners, assume they’re getting an oily T-zone or residue on their skin due to too much product, but most of the time it’s because they’re dehydrated. They start stripping the skin using harsh products but it fights back by producing more oil. It becomes a vicious cycle!

Skin should be clean and hydrated before embarking on any exercise routine. A cleanse and tone, followed by a lightweight hydrator, will address the basic needs of skin during a workout.

Post Exercise

Post-workout, it’s vital you double cleanse to rid the skin of excess oils, sweat and toxins and then follow your regular skincare routine to protect skin from further dehydration and environmental damage.


What you need? A gentle cleansing gel or micellar water to cleanse and tone the skin and a gel or cream packed with hyaluronic acid to hydrate!

Athlete Sweating


Gentle cleanser to wash away sweat, oils and bacteria without irritating your skin.

Group Workout Session


A lightweight serum-oil to hydrate and restore your skin barrier and refine pores

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Gentle Masque to maximise your skin’s metabolism and improve skin tone and elasticity